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Professional Photographic Equipment for Sale

Click on the following link to view photos of some of the professional darkroom equipment we are selling.  What you will find here is all that is left of the equipment inventory of a custom professional photographic lab. Additional photos will be added as they become available.  All equipment when removed from service was in excellent working order and had been very well maintained.  Prices for the equipment are posted below each item.  Should you have any questions about any piece of equipment, please don't hesitate to call or email us for additional information.

Equipment Photos


To secure any equipment, a 50% deposit is required; balance due when purchases are removed. Buyer must remove or arrange for a shipping company to remove any and all items purchased within one month of purchase. Failure of the buyer to remove the equipment within three months of receipt of a deposit by the seller will cause the buyer to forfeit, without recourse, any claim to the deposit or to the equipment for which a deposit has been paid, and seller then has the right to seek a new purchaser. If you send us a deposit you are agreeing to these terms. 

If the equipment has been paid for in full, but not removed by purchaser within one month of receipt of payment by seller, purchaser shall be obligated to seller for storage fees equal to 10% of the purchase price of the equipment (per month) before seller will release said equipment to either the purchaser or his/her agent. Any storage fees charged must be paid before release of purchased equipment. If you purchase equipment you are agreeing to these terms.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the seller, purchaser shall be solely responsible for the packing, shipping and any related charges of any equipment purchased, and shall bear full expense for said packing, shipping and related charges.

Payments may be made by Cash, Wire Transfer or Certified Bank Check (US dollars).  Customer must pay all wire transfer fees.  Personal checks, credit cards and PayPal are not accepted for payment. Equipment will be shipped (released) upon funds being fully credited to our account. Please allow sufficient time for all payments to clear the banking channels.

All equipment is sold as is; there are no warranties expressed or implied.  While seller attests that the equipment was in excellent working order prior to being placed in storage, seller encourages any potential purchaser to examine the equipment for themselves, or to have an agent act on their behalf.  Purchaser shall be solely responsible for determining the fitness of the equipment to his/her needs.  All sales are final.

First Come, First Served.