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Scans are required unless you have a digital file. Scans can be made from slides, transparencies, negatives (B&W and color), photographs and original artwork. Our equipment ranges from Nikon scanners for 35mm and medium format films, Agfa and Epson scanners for flat-bed scans through 11x17" in size, and a BetterLight Super 8K-HS Digital Scan Back for flat-art and large format transparencies and negatives. Our BetterLight scan back has an effective maximum capture of 384 MEGApixels, providing an unparalleled level of detail in the scan.

A comment on scans: It has been our experience that too often clients have requested scans be made at a low resolution because the immediate intended use for the scans was a specific low-res application, as in webpage or PowerPoint development.  However, many times these same scans are later used for applications where a higher res scan would have presented a better image, as in print or posters, etc.  If there is any remote chance that you will possibly use the image at a later date for a purpose needing a high-res scan, scan it high-res now.  The realization of the need for a better scan always seems to come at the eleventh hour when nobody knows where the original is or it can't be obtained in time.

New York, General Howe